August 13 2019

So many new releases!

We have new batches of the following by Canna Farms: Critical Super Silver Haze, Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Widow, and Hindu Skunk.

We have four new releases of potent product by Beacon Medical: THC+ Beacon Blend, THC Ember, Bal Reflect, and CBD Beacon Blend

Aug 7 2019

We have two new strain releases this Wednesday!

Blue Dream by Canna Farms and Hashplant by Pure Sunfarms.

Have a great week!

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July 31 2019

Wednesday Releases!

Hope everyone is having a good week! Only two days until our long weekend for BC Day! Be sure to grab some stock for your weekend, we will be closed Monday, August 5th.

We have released two new strains this afternoon:

Sour Kush & Cold Creek Kush

Plus one new Canna Oil:

Canna Oil 25 | 0

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July 26 2019

Happy Friday Cannasseurs!

We have released one new Beacon strain today! ALL BEACON BLEND products are made with high-quality cannabis strains curated to match their respective Beacon Cannatype category. These products are pre-milled to be vaporizer-ready for convenient medicating. This blend is indica dominant and carries exceptionally zesty lemon notes.

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