510 Thread Cartridge and Battery Instructions

Convenient, portable and easy to charge, our 510 battery is compatible with our Fireside Blaze, Ultra, Ember and CBD vape cartridges. 
Read the full instructions below to learn more about pre-heating and heat settings for an optimal and customizable experience. 

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Directions for Battery Use:

Ensure battery is fully charged using the USB charger provided.

Installing your cartridge: When installing the cartridge, turn it clockwise onto your battery, taking care not to over-tighten.

Activating your cartridge on the battery: Press the main button 5 times in rapid succession to turn the battery on or off.

Heat control settings: Push the button 3 times rapidly to shift between the 3 different heat settings which have a corresponding indicator light.

(White: Low 2.9V, Blue: Medium 3.2V, Red: High 3.6V)

Preheating: With the device turned on and the temperature set push the button 2 times rapidly to initiate the 15 second pre heat – lights flash on the device during this process between LED colours. Push the button 1 time to quite pre-heating.

Usage: When ready to use, press and hold the button, pull vapor through the mouthpiece into your mouth for 1-2 seconds. Hold for 1-2 seconds before inhaling to achieve full terpene flavour.

Storage: When not in use, turn off battery, remove cartridge and store the cartridge upright.