Select strains of live cannabis plants now available direct from Canna Farms!

Under Health Canada's Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), clients with a valid ACMPR personal production license from Health Canada have the ability to cultivate their own cannabis plants for personal use.  In order to do so, they must first purchase their starting materials (live cannabis plants or seeds) from a Health Canada approved Licensed Producer (LP).

As an independent, family-run, BC-based company, Canna Farms supports the right for individuals to grow their own medicine.  

We are very excited to be the second LP in Canada to offer a variety of our CANNABIS strains to registered clients! 

If you are interested in purchasing live cannabis plants (CANNA PLANTS) shipped direct from our licensed production facility, please take a moment to read through this section of our website.

Should you have any questions regarding the purchase of live cannabis plants, or wish to proceed with registration, please feel free to contact us at 1-855-882-0988 or info@cannafarms.ca today. 

Please contact Health Canada's Office of the Medical Cannabis (OMC) at 1-866-337-7705 or omc-bcm@hc-sc.gc.ca for questions related to obtaining a personal production license under the ACMPR.

If I am currently registered with Canna Farms and have ordered dried cannabis/cannabis oil in the past, am I now able to order live cannabis plants?

No, you must be in possession of a valid ACMPR Personal Production License from Health Canada (click here to see a sample of this document) before you are allowed to order live cannabis plants. Please click here to learn more about the application process, or here to access the application forms you are required to complete and submit to Health Canada.

Please contact Health Canada's Office of the Medical Cannabis (OMC) at 1-866-337-7705 or omc-bcm@hc-sc.gc.ca, should you have any questions related to the personal production of cannabis.


I have a valid ACMPR Registration Certificate from Health Canada. What do I do now?

Once you have received your official ACMPR Registration Certificate from Health Canada, you must forward a copy of this document to Canna Farms.  This can be sent via email, fax or mail.  You will also need to complete a Registration Application.  On this application, you must indicate that you wish to purchase live cannabis plantsThis is critical!  Applications that do not properly include this information will experience significant delays in processing.

Please note - if you are an existing Canna Farms client with a valid medical document, you will still need to complete these steps before you may begin purchasing live plants. 

Once all the proper documentation is received, you will be assigned a new client number. This client number will be unique to the sale of live plants, and will be separate from any existing account you may currently have for the purchase of dried cannabis/cannabis oil from Canna Farms.


Which strains of cannabis can I buy?

Initially, Canna Farms will be offering the following CANNA PLANTS for sale: White Widow, Chernobyl, and CBD Skunk Haze (details for each strain can be found in the table below). These strains were selected by our cultivation and quality teams for their unique qualities, including cannabinoid chemistry, morphology, nutrient requirements, and level of cultivation difficulty. Each strain has gone through an extensive research & development phase (e.g., phenotyping), and has been grown and sold by Canna Farms multiple times over the last two years. Additional strains may be made available in the future, depending on client feedback.

Strain Name Strain Type Genetics Origin Flowering Time Expected % THC Expected % CBD Growth Difficulty Best Grown
White Widow Indica-Dominant Hybrid (60/40 Indica/Sativa) Brazil x India Seedsman 9 Weeks 15-20% THC <0.05% CBD Easy to Medium Indoors
Chernobyl Sativa-Dominant Hybrid (40/60 Indica/Sativa) Trainwreck x Trinity x Jack the Ripper TGA Subcool 9 Weeks 15-20% THC <0.05% CBD Medium Outdoors
CBD Skunk Haze High-CBD Chemotype (50/50 Indica/Sativa) Cannatonic x Super Haze Dutch Passion 9-10 Weeks 6-8% THC 6-8% CBD Medium Indoors

How many cannabis plants can I buy?

The number of live plants that you can purchase is determined by Health Canada.  Upon receiving your ACMPR Registration Certificate, you will be assigned a Maximum Plant Count for indoor or outdoor production.  These figures will constitute the maximum number of live plants that you can order and cultivate at any given time. 

Canna Farms will be offering live plants for purchase in groups of two (2). 


How much does it cost to purchase live cannabis plants?

CANNA PLANTS will be sold in groups of two (2).  These 2 plants must be of the same strain. Single (1) plants of a strain will not be sold.

Two (2) Plants (of the same strain) = $175 (plus applicable taxes)
Four (4) Plants (of the same strain) = $240
(plus applicable taxes)
Four (4) Plants (two different strains) = $315 
(plus applicable taxes)
Six (6) Plants (three different strains) = $455 (plus applicable taxes)

Prices include shipping and handling, and are reflective of the production (growing, packaging, and shipping) and regulatory costs associated with each live cannabis plant.


How do I place an order for live cannabis plants?

Orders for live cannabis plants will need to be placed over the phone.

At this time, online ordering will NOT be available for live cannabis plants.  Our client service experts will be able to provide information on current strain availability, and help guide you through the ordering process.

Please be aware that orders will NOT be processed until your registration with Canna Farms is complete, and we have a copy of your Production License, as well as a completed Registration Application.


Once I have placed my order, how long until the plants are shipped?

Once your order is placed and paid for, it will take approximately 4 weeks before the order is shipped to you. Each cannabis plant is cut to order, and this is the time required for the clone to grow new roots and develop into a hearty plant.  By the time they arrive to you, the live plants will be approximately 3-4 weeks old.

Canna Farms will only be shipping live cannabis plants on Mondays so as to ensure that they have ample time to complete their journey and arrive at your site by the end of the week.


How will the plants be shipped to me?

Live cannabis plants are shipped via Canada Post, directly from our facility in Hope, BC, to the address listed on your ACMPR Registration Certificate. 

Plants will be shipped in packaging that has been specifically designed for the transportation of live plants, ensuring they remain in their 'vegetative' state. Packages will be equipped with insulation to prevent damage from short-term exposure to extreme temperatures; however prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold may result in damage to the plants that is beyond our control and the responsibility of our courier.


How do I get my interim supply of dried cannabis/oil, while I wait for my plants to grow?

Growing your own cannabis can be a fun and rewarding experience, but keep in mind that it may take 3-4+ months before your home-grown cannabis is ready for consumption.

If you have chosen to grow your own cannabis, you will still have the option of obtaining an interim supply of dried cannabis and/or cannabis oil from a Licensed Producer of your choice.  Should you choose to work with Canna Farms for your interim supply, the process is exactly the same as applying to receive live plants!  

Once you have received your official ACMPR Registration Certificate from Health Canada, you must forward a copy of this document to Canna Farms.  This document can be sent via email, fax, or mail.  At the same time, you will need to complete a Registration Application. IMPORTANT: On this application, you must indicate that you are looking for an interim supply of dried cannabis/cannabis oil.  This is critical!  Applications that do not properly include this information will experience significant processing delays. 

Please note - if you are an existing Canna Farms client, with a current authorization (prescription), you will still need to complete these steps before you may begin purchasing your interim supply. 


I am not always home when the courier delivers my parcels.   Can I change my shipping address?

Under the ACMPR, live cannabis plants may only be shipped to the following addresses listed on your ACMPR Registration Certificate: (1) the address where your cannabis will be PRODUCED, or (2) the address where your cannabis will be STORED. 

This means that address amendments are not permitted for the shipment of live plants.

Once you are notified that your plants have been shipped, please make the appropriate arrangements to receive your order at the specified address. 


How do I get a refund for my plants?

At Canna Farms, we take client feedback very seriously.  It is always our goal to ensure that our clients are extremely satisfied with the service and products we provide. As such, we welcome you to share any concerns that you may have. 

In the case of our CANNA PLANTS, clones are specifically cut for each individual order. Instances where a client may be less than satisfied with their live plant purchase will be assessed on a case by case basis, but our general company policy is that NO REFUNDS will be given for live cannabis plants, once the order has been placed (even if the order has not been shipped).

I have received my order of CANNA PLANTS. Now what do I do?

Congratulations, you are one step closer to growing your own high-quality cannabis!

First, ensure the box is positioned upright (as indicated by the sticker on the package). Inspect the box for damage (and document any damage with photos/videos). Carefully remove your plants from the box and associated packaging material. Inspect the plants for any physical damage (again, document any damage with photos/videos). Transport the plant to your pre-cleaned grow space, and transplant into a suitable container (we recommend a ~3 gallon nursery pot). Expose the plant to a 24 hour light cycle as soon as possible. Add some water if the soil feels dry.

Nutrient demands at this stage of growth are fairly low. A low conductivity, pH-balanced, high Nitrogen solution is recommended (but clear water is fine, as well). Allow the plant to adapt to its new surroundings before subjecting it to more intense light and nutrients.


What do I do if my plants are damaged during shipping?


Canna Farms takes the utmost care with packaging your live cannabis plants.  We ensure that all measures are taken to keep the plants happy and healthy while they make their way to you.  It is possible, however, that plants may become damaged during their voyage across the country.

Once the parcel leaves our facility, the responsibility for it's safe passage becomes that of the courier (Canada Post).  Any plant damage, or loss of viability, will be assessed on a case by case basis, however our general company policy is that NO REFUNDS will be given for any damages to the plants during shipping.

A detailed insert is included with every order, outlining immediate actions that need to be taken to ensure the ongoing health of the plants. That insert will remind you that, should you happen to receive a damaged plant in your order, you must contact Canna Farms the same day the order is delivered to you.  In failing to do so, you forfeit your right to bring damage or viability concerns to Canna Farms for assessment. 

I've never grown cannabis before. Will Canna Farms be providing any assistance with cultivation?

Unfortunately, Canna Farms will not be providing clients with instructions on how to grow your own cannabis at this time. There are many, many  different ways to grow cannabis plants at home (indoor/outdoor, soil/soilless/hydroponic/aeroponic, organic, etc.).  It would be nearly impossible for us to help every single one of our clients should they have any specific questions related to the health of their plants.

Cultivating your own cannabis at home can be easy, especially if you prepare ahead of time. In general, a successful garden requires the following:

  • Location
    • A clean and sanitary garden is important for the maintenance of optimal plant health. Consider growing in a small, dedicated, easy-to-clean greenhouse, grow tent, or space bucket.
  • Light (your yield is directly proportional to the light your plant receives)
    • Indoor Production: We recommend High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs); consider electricity costs and heat
    • Outdoor Production: Take advantage of the summer sun! Nothing compares to natural light.
  • Water
    • Clean, fresh water is crucial in maintaining optimum plant health (tap water should be fine in most cities, however may require dechlorination). Make sure you have access to ample water to keep your cannabis plants happy!
  • Soil/Growing Medium (e.g., Peat, Coco Coir, Rock Wool)
    • Selection of a growing medium depends on your level of comfort and growing experience, as well as overall grow setup (and associated budget). Sometimes simple is best! Canna Farms will be shipping live plants in a peat/perlite growing medium.
  • Nutrients
    • Cannabis plants require a lot of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), as well as other micro nutrients including (but not limited to): Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), and Sulfur (S). Selection of an appropriate fertilizer for each stage of your plant will ensure your plants remain healthy and happy throughout each growth cycle.
  • Pest Control
    • It is likely that you will have to battle pests (thrips, spider mites, fungus gnats, or aphids) at some point during the lifetime of your plant. Research the best methods for controlling those pests. We recommend the use of sanitation and biological controls over pesticides.
  • Time
    • Depending on how you grow, your plant will be ready for harvest within 3-6 months (the flowering time alone for most cannabis plants is 7-10 weeks).

There is plenty of information available online to help you plan and successfully execute your grow. We recommend the following books on cannabis cultivation.  These can be easily purchased online, and they contain everything you may need to know to grow your own cannabis plants:

  1. Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible (Jorge Cervantes)
  2. The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medical Use (Greg Green)

For more information on growing at home, you can find great information at www.lift.co. You may also head to reddit.com and search for Space Buckets, if you are interested in a low-cost/DIY solution for growing your own cannabis.  

How does Canna Farms produce their live cannabis plants?

Each and every CANNA PLANT is cut to order, starting in our dedicated Mother Room where we have a selection of genetics we've acquired throughout the years. Clones are taken from healthy mother plants, grown in a clean, temperature and humidity controlled environment. Production staff follow strict hygiene and sanitation protocols to ensure the health and quality of our plants. 

Canna Farms grows in an organic growing medium (peat/perlite mixture), using conventional nutrients free of any heavy metals. We DO NOT use pesticides in our facility, and instead rely on biological controls for the management of pests. 

Will Canna Farms be offering cannabis seeds for sale?

At this time, Canna Farms will NOT be selling cannabis seeds as starting materials. 

Where can I get my homegrown cannabis tested?

The advantage of purchasing cannabis from a Licensed Producer, like Canna Farms, is that each batch of cannabis is tested, and its quality is assured.  For those growing at home, we recommend that you test your cannabis for cannabinoid (THC/CBD) potency (at minimum) so that you know exactly what's in your medicine.

Please click here to visit Health Canada's website on testing your own cannabis.

For a list of Licensed Dealers (testing laboratories) that are able to legally test your cannabis, click here.


Important Things to Know... 

  • All Sales of Live Cannabis Plants are FINAL – they may NOT be returned, and refunds will NOT be offered once an order is placed (even before it is shipped).
  • Canna Farms will only be selling starting materials in the form of live cannabis plants. Seeds will not be sold at this time.
  • Orders for live cannabis plants may ONLY be placed over the phone.
  • Once the plants leave our facility, they are the responsibility of the courier (Canada Post). Any damages to the plants due to shipping/handling are NOT the responsibility of Canna Farms.
  • Canada Post does not offer insurance for any type of live plant, including cannabis plants.
  • If you are unhappy with the state of your live plants upon delivery, you MUST contact Canna Farms on the same day (via phone or email).
  • Canna Farms will be selling plants in groups of two (2).
  • You may order as many plants (per day) as your ACMPR personal production license allows.
  • The per-plant cost is lower if you purchase plants in larger quantities (more than 2 plants and/or strains).
  • Once your cannabis plants are big enough,  you can produce clones yourself (e.g., for your next crop)
  • This is the first time that live cannabis plants are (legally) being shipped to clients across Canada. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we optimize our ordering and shipping procedures.


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