Based on client feedback, Canna Farms cultivates the following strains of cannabis on a regular basis: Pink Kush, Tangerine Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Widow, and Canna Bliss (High CBD). in addition to these house strains, we also release smaller batches of boutique strains in limited quantities for our clients to try. Please note that these boutique strains may sell out quickly, and may not be available all the time.

Canna Farms reports cannabinoid potencies on a fully-decarboxylated basis (taking into account the potential of the acidic cannabinoids to convert to their neutral forms). Head to our FAQ section to see an example calculation and to learn more about how to interpret a lab report.


Canna Farms performs terpene testing on select strains of cannabis. Terpenes are the essential oils found in cannabis, and are responsible for the different smells and tastes of various cannabis strains. Terpenes can also modulate the effects of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD via the "entourage effect". To help our clients with interpreting the terpene data, we have developed a simple way to visualize the relative levels of terpenes, making it easier to compare between strains.

Yellow - Limonene (a major component of citrus fruits)
Black - Caryophyllene (a major component of black pepper)
Green - Pinene (a major component of conifers)
Purple - Linalool (a major component in lavender)
Pink - Terpineol (a major component of lilac)
Brown - Terpinolene (a major component of all-spice)
Orange - Myrcene (a major component of hops)



More sativa-dominant strains coming soon!




The following strains of cannabis are currently in production at Canna Farms, and will likely be available for sale on the following dates (assuming the previous lot has sold out).
Please note that these dates are not guaranteed, and are subject to change at any time. Call our customer service experts to learn more about potential release dates.

November 2018

Pink Kush (Early November)
Critical Super Silver Haze (Early November)
Blue Widow (Early November)
CBD Kush (Early November)
CBD Skunk Haze (Late November)
Cannatonic (Late November)
Blue Widow (Late November)
Girl Scout Cookie (Late November)
Cannabliss (Late November) 

December 2018

Tangerine Dream (Early December)
Pink Kush (Early December)
Critical Super Silver Haze (Mid December)
Tangerine Dream (Mid December)
Blue Widow (Mid December)
OG Kush (Late December)
Cannatonic (Late December)
Tangerine Dream (Late December)
Hindu Skunk (Late December)

January 2019

Girl Scout Cookie (Mid January)
Cannatonic (Mid January)
Hindu Skunk (Mid January)
Pink Kush (Late January)
Critical Super Silver Haze (Late January)
Blue Widow (Late January)

*Please Note that we only release lots of "Shake" when we accumulate a significant amount of product.