Introduction to our New Packaging

Many of you may have noticed that our product, whether it be dried cannabis or cannabis oil is now coming in new packaging. We have made it our mission to listen to our client feedback regarding our packaging and we hope that you will be satisfied with our new changes!

Our 5 gram Dried Cannabis is now packaged in a white, stand up, heat sealed pouch. These pouches are small and compact in comparison to our previous solid bottles. There is a tear off strip on the top and a two-part opening mechanism which makes this packaging lab certified child-resistant and smell proof. The front of the pouch has our labels and the back has opening instructions which are pictured below. These pouches are also recyclable!

Pouch opening instructions.png

We now have two separate recyclable plastic bottles to clearly distinguish between our 25 and 50 mL sizes. The 25mL bottle is white and the 50mL is black. They both have a child proof push and twist lid that reveals a leak proof insert. Your oil package will also come with an individually packaged 1mL oral syringe with clear marking on it. You simply insert the tip of the syringe into the bottle insert, tip it upside down, pull the end of the syringe until you reach your desired amount of oil, tip the bottle back upright and remove the syringe.

New Oil Bottles.png
New Pouch.png

Our labels have also changed on our packaging to stay compliant with the Cannabis Regulations which can be found in Part 7.